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Crash into me

Yes, losing your heart`s desire is tragic. But gaining your heart's desire? That`s all you can hope for. This year I wished for love... to immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted. And if having that is tragic, then give me that tragedy. Because I wouldn`t give it back for the world.
Sep 14 '14
Sep 14 '14

Harry Styles fanfic 1

Let it be me // Ray LaMontagne

Sitting on the marble countertop in the kitchen, I stare at Harry’s favorite mug. It’s been there for months. I haven’t been able to put it away. I don’t think I could’ve bared without it there. I’m so used to seeing it there. It just reminded me of him and made the house feel a little less empty without him. But the truth is I’ve never felt more alone in this flat without him. Our home isn’t the same without him.

But today is the day when he comes back to me. Today is when I’m back home. Home is his arms, his smile, his eyes. Home is Harry.

The mug should be washed and cleaned so I do that to pass the half hour I have before I leave to get him from the airport. I place it back in the cabinet. I still have twenty minutes. I can’t wait any longer though. So I grab my keys and purse and head out the door.

Driving to the airport I turn on the radio. Ray LaMontagne’s “Let it be me” plays and I smile.  That’s the first song Harry ever sung to me and only me.  We were laying in bed and he just started to sing this beautiful song, this beautiful, meaningful song that when he sang it, I felt each word burn into my bones.  I was filled with his words.  I even hear him singing them to me now.  It’s like he’s sitting right beside me and soon enough he really will be.

I get to the airport and park the car. I should’ve only left the flat right now which means I have half an hour till he lands.  Instead of waiting in the car, I get out and walk towards the doors of the airport.  I walk through them and go to where Harry will soon be walking towards me. 

As I stand there I don’t feel the least bit ridiculous that I’m so early.  I don’t want to be without him a second longer than I have to be.  I need him here now.  Be here now. 

Twenty minutes go by and my eyes don’t move from the place where he’ll emerge.  Only ten minutes now.  The butterflies in my stomach only increase and my anxiousness grows.  I’m so excited.  I bite my bottom lip to stop my ridiculous smile because he’s not even here with me yet.  He will be though.

I hear a plane land in the background and I can’t stop my smile now.  It escapes from between my teeth.  I bounce up and down on my toes, gripping the strap of my purse that’s across my chest.  

Then he’s there.  In front of me.  I’m struck by how beautiful he is like I am every time I set eyes on him.  He’s even more perfect now.  My ridiculous smile is mirrored on his face.  He drops his bag immediately when he sees me and I start to rush towards him.  I can’t get there soon enough.  I jump into his arms.  He laughs into my ear, his breath against my skin.  I close my eyes, tears flowing down my cheeks.  I hold him tightly and he does the same to me.  It’s like we can’t get close enough.  His warmth seeps into my body, filling me with what I’ve loved more than anything in my entire life, his soul.  

After what feels like forever, but also too soon, he sets my feet back on the ground.  I smile up at him while he wipes the pad of his thumb under my eye to wipe away my tears and when I look up to see he’s also crying I do the same.  We both laugh.

"Hey love," he says with a chuckle.

"Hi," I reply, my voice soft and a bit shaky from my tears.  

"Been a while," he says and moves his hand to push my hair behind my ear, his fingertips trailing across my skin.  

"Too long." I can’t tear my eyes away from his face and it seems like he can’t either.  My hands stay on his chest while his now rest on my shoulders.  

"We have a lot of catching up to do," he says and as he does so he wiggles his eyebrows up and down suggestively.

I giggle, blushing, but still nod.  ”We most definitely do.”

He takes my hand, finally pulling his eyes off of me long enough to look back at his luggage.  We walk back to it and then head off towards the parking lot.  Neither of us can stop laughing and smiling like love-sick teenagers.  And I don’t want to.  I’m so happy.  I don’t care if I look ridiculous, or like an idiot.  I’m finally reunited with the man I love.  My soul-mate.  The love of my life.  He’s everything.  And he’s finally back.  But I feel like the one who’s finally back.  I finally feel at home after all those, long, months.  I’m home. 

"I need to get you home now," he says, pulling me towards the car.  "Right now.  This very moment."

I giggle and job behind him towards the car.  But before I know it I’m pinned against the side of the car.  He pushes me against it, his lips finding mine and I immediately respond.  His lips, God I’ve missed them so much.  I’ve missed his hands, that are snaking up my sides, pulling my black dress up my thighs.  He pushes his hips forward and I feel his erection against my lower stomach, making me moan into his mouth.  My hands twist through his hair that’s longer than it was before he left but I love.  I love everything about this man.  I wouldn’t care if his hair was down to the floor or if he had none.  This feeling won’t ever go away and I thank God every day for this man, even when he was thousands and thousands of miles away.  He’s here now and I feel more thankful than ever.  

"I need you," he says huskily, pressing his forehead against mine.  

Our breathing has both become ragged and shallow.  He’s still pressed up against me so I move my hips, rubbing against him.  He moans from deep in his throat and he bites his bottom lip.

"I’m your’s," I whisper shakily, tugging gently on his hair.

"Fuck," he whispers and a small half smile crosses his lips before he bites his lip again.  

After a moment he sighs frustrated but smiles down at me before stepping back, my hand now in his.  

"Let’s get home then," he says, giving my hand a squeeze.  "Before I can’t stop myself in this lot."

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Sep 14 '14
Sep 14 '14

9/? favourite pictures of Niall

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Pasadena, CA. September 12, 2014

Pasadena, CA. September 12, 2014

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harry tryna get wild but he sees anne in the audience